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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Capabilities

At KPS Web Design we understand that having a great looking website helps but if it is not optimised correctly the chances are you will only attract a few visitors. To really succeed your site needs to rank very highly on Google Search not just for paid search but also organically, and for all relevant keywords in your chosen business sector. That way when visitors find your site they will want to stay on it and keep returning regularly.

Search Engine Optimisation



So, your website is fine but you’re languishing somewhere on page three of Google for most search terms and your CTR (click through ratio) is pretty poor. There’s a lot of competition out there and it’s sometimes difficult to compete on the net with other businesses who supply the same services. Sadly, there’s no quick and legitimate way to get your website to the top and keep it there. What you need is a agency like KPS Web Design who can take care of all you SEO so that your site always appears on page one of Google/Bing Search.

Email Marketing




The ongoing management of your website is key to keeping it fresh and informative. Communicating with customers, advertising your products and services to the world or simply by telling the world what you are involved in will not only benefit sales but will also raise your profile in the minds of your visitors and increase your search engine rankings.

Plan, Design, Build, Test, Launch



We’ll set up and streamline your social media profiles and ensure consistent branding throughout and develop a suitable digital marketing ‘personality’ for your business. We’ll help you to connect to the right people, reach your target market and devise a strategy that fits in with the time you have available or a fixed budget.

We’ll connect your social media profiles to your website in order to divert users who will then become potential customers.